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December 2010

Chris is enjoying the holiday spirit in Ukraine. This will be his second mission Christmas. People are happy to hear about forever families at this time of year and he is hoping that will extend to some continuing investigators. He says:

Just one picture- my new coat!

But I remembered some funny stories. I rang the doorbell at one
apartment and it continued to ring and ring and ring. The lady came
out, tried to turn us down, whacked the doorbell a few times but
couldn't get it to stop and finally went back in. It was kind of
anticlimatic and it was hard not to laugh.

It has gotten cold and icy everywhere. I got out of a bus and turned
around just in time to see Elder Jackson slip. He stayed perfectly
straight while his feet slipped out from under himself and he ended up
accidently slide-tackling a young lady. Thankfully everyone laughed
otherwise I would have felt bad for laughing so much.

Also we tracted into a young lady who warmed right up to Elder
Jackson- in fact she tried to set up a return appointment at a
restaurant today! Not exactly the kind of "dates" we're looking for as

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Marci said...

Elder Schmutz,
We are so happy that you are sharing the true Joy this season of Christmas. Thank you for working hard on your mission and being a wonderful example to our kids. We are having some missionary experiences out here in California as well and are so grateful to be where we can easily share what we believe will bring true happiness. We pray for you and hope you will continue to stay warm in that snazzy new coat!

With love, Uncle Scott and Aunt Marci