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Looking for teachees...

Chris' water bottle froze in his pocket while he was out tracting
Chris places his first Book of Mormon. He's not sure if the founders of Kiev will follow up...

"It was a pretty quiet week, but we have hopes of finding some investigators through some service we did. We helped some men break up some ice in front of an apartment building. They were pleased to meet us and interested about why we are in Ukraine. We'll see what happens!"

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Marci said...

Elder Schmutz,
It's so nice to see what you are up to, out in the frozen area of the world. Please know that we pray you will find those prepared to hear the word. Continue to serve and build relationships and you will find the one who has been looking for Christ. We are trying to help our Elders teach families. One of our friends might soon be ready to be taught by our Elders. It's so exciting to see the peace from Christ enter into hearts. His word can truly touch souls. How vast is your purpose!! We love you!
~Marci, Scott, and the crew.
PS: maybe the next Book of Mormon you place will be with someone a little more warm and receptive than a founder of Kiev.